Useful Contacts

Queen Elizabeth Hospital 0121 371 2000
Heartlands and Solihull Hospital 0121 424 2000
Birmingham Women's Hospital 0121 472 1377
Dental Hospital 0121 236 8611
Children's Hospital 0121 333 9999
Social Services 0121 303 4125
Alcoholics Anonymous 0845 769 7555
Birmingham Cancer Help Group 0121 427 8645
Birmingham Drugline 0121 632 6363
Birmingham Women's Advice and Info 0121 212 1881
CRUSE (Bereavement) 0121 687 8010
Crossroads (Carer Support) 0121 449 1485
Marie Stopes 0845 300 8090
Disability West Midlands 0121 414 1616
RELATE 0121 643 1638

Health Exchange launched a new website

  Health Exchange is organisation that empowers people to make their own choices about their lifestyle to help achieve better health and wellbeing. Their approach to healthy living helps people identify the  changes to their lifestyle which they decide they want  to make and then supports them in making those changes as part of their  daily lives. Their mission is twofold:

  • To enable everyone to have the capability and confidence to exercise a choice for positive health and wellbeing
  • To shape the design and development of health and wellbeing services

To find out more about Health Exchange and how the services they provide can help with your patient population please visit  The new website has been revamped to provide case studies, blogs, toolkits and aids to help your patients to take control of their own  health.  Visit the website where you will find various different outlets where you or your patients can get involved.